Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Publishing Deal - Catherine O'Flynn

I thoroughly enjoyed Catherine O'Flynn's What Was Lost and I'm pleased to see that she's been signed up for two more books and that the first one at least, has a Birmingham connection. From BookBrunch:
Catherine O'Flynn, author of the Costa Award-winning What Was Lost (Tindal Street), is joining Viking in a significant, two-book deal. Kate Barker at Viking won the books ahead of rivals including Tindal Street, the Birmingham-based independent, which, in alliance with a leading publisher, had offered its largest ever bid in an effort to keep the author. "She's a special talent, with a special voice," Alan Mahar of Tindal Street told BookBrunch.

The Viking deal begins with the provisionally titled EVERGREEN (spring 2010), about a Birmingham TV presenter haunted by absences, including those of his predecessor and of the brutalist architecture created by his father.
Read the whole piece at BookBrunch.

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Maxine Clarke said...

This is great news - like you, I enjoyed What Was Lost tremendously, too.