Monday, March 02, 2009

Patterson-Marklund collaboration

From Publisher's Lunch:
James Patterson is reaching across the ocean for his latest writing partner, working on a new thriller set primarily in Stockholm with Scandinavian crime writer Liza Marklund, best known for her Annika Bengtzon series. The book will be published in Sweden in 2010 with Marklund's regular publisher Piratförlaget (of which she is a part owner), but that is the only territory sold so far. It's a bilingual collaboration as well. Marklund will write in Swedish, which will then be translated for Patterson, who will work in English as usual.

Robert Barnett at Williams & Connolly is representing rights for the US and the UK and has "a great deal of interest" from Patterson's existing publishers in both territories. Linda Michaels, who was the "driving force in brokering the collaboration," represents rights for the rest of the world for Barnett, except for Sweden where The Salomonsson Agency represented Marklund.

Barnett sees it as "another example of Jim being innovative" as well as "an opportunity to introduce him to a whole new area of fans [internationally] who might not be aware of him" while doing the same for Marklund.

Marklund says in a brief statement, "Writing this book is so much fun. The story is violent, emotional, and fast paced. It’s very exciting to work with such an intelligent and creative writer. James Patterson is not only exceptionally smart and funny, he is also incredibly humble."
Lets hope this leads to the rest of Liza Marklund's books being translated into English.


Anonymous said...

Blimey! Maybe I'll have to re-pick up Patterson just this once, then! Let's hope she does most of the actual writing.

Barbara said...

Good lord. I'd rather read Marklund sans Patterson.

Reg / Steve said...

Me too, Barbara. I can't imagine Marklund fitting in with Patterson's popcorn style (i.e., you read a book in an hour and a half hour later you're hungry for a real book).