Sunday, March 29, 2009

More from August Heat

I posted the first page from Camilleri's August Heat (translated by Stephen Sartarelli) the other day. Here are a couple of quotes from later in the book:

[Montalbano] sat outside until eleven o'clock, reading a good detective novel by two Swedish authors who were husband and wife, in which there wasn't a page without a ferocious and justified attack on social democracy and the government. In his mind Montalbano dedicated the book to all those who did not deign to read mystery novels because, in their opinion, they were only entertaining puzzles.

Gaspare Micciche was a fortyish redhead who measured barely four feet eight inches tall. He had extremely long arms and bowed legs. He looked like a monkey. Surely Darwin, if he could have seen him, would have hugged him for joy.

(NB. Typed in from a proof of the US edition and may not represent the final version).

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