Monday, March 30, 2009

Hustle to be filmed in Birmingham

So far I've not watched Hustle but the news reported by Digital Spy that the next series is to be filmed in Birmingham (ie 12 miles up the road) might make me change my mind:
...Robert Vaughn at the Memorabilia convention in Brum, where he spilled the beans on the relocation. "I found out last night that all six shows are going to be done in Birmingham," he told me. "I think this is the first time Birmingham has ever had a top-notch show film here."

He added: "Apart from this convention, one of my other responsibilities coming here is my wife said 'you've got to find out where I'm going to live!' So tonight after the signings I'm going down to the Rotunda in the Bullring, which is apparently the best place for apartment-type living."

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Paul D Brazill said...

I used to enjoy the ones i saw on BBC Prime a couple of years ago. Very slick.