Sunday, December 28, 2008

What to look forward to in January

January's new releases are dominated by the much awaited release of The Girl Who Played with Fire but there are a few established names and a few new names, with releases also out in January:
Adair, Gilbert - And Then There Was No One #3 Evadne Mount, crime writer

Bale, Tom - Skin and Bones

Chambers, Kimberley - Born Evil

Collett, Chris - Stalked by Shadows #5 Detective Inspector Tom Mariner, Birmingham

Cross, Neil - Burial

Dickinson, David - Death of a Pilgrim #8 Lord Francis Powerscourt, Victorian era

Hall, M R - The Coroner

Hall, Patricia - Devil's Game #15 Journalist Laura Ackroyd & Inspector Michael Thackeray, Yorkshire

Hartley, A J - What Time Devours #2 Thomas Knight, English Teacher

Jardine, Quintin - Inhuman Remains #1 Primavera Blackstone

Jeffries, Roderic - Sun, Sea and Murder #?? Insp Alvarez, Majorca

Larsson, Stieg - The Girl Who Played With Fire #2 Millennium Trilogy

Leather, Stephen - Live Fire #6 Dan Shepherd, SAS trooper turned undercover cop

Lovesey, Peter - Murder on the Short List (Short Stories)

Macken, John - Breaking Point #3 Reuben Maitland, GeneCrime

Mariani, Scott -The Doomsday Prophecy #3 Ben Hope, Ex-SAS

Marshall, Michael - Bad Things

Martin, Tom - Kingdom

McIntyre, Hope - Held to Ransom #4 Lee Bartholomew, Ghostwriter

Nadel, Barbara - River of the Dead #11 Cetim Ikmen, Policeman, Istanbul

Pearson, Mark - Hard Evidence #1 Detective Inspector Jack Delaney

Rees, Matt Benyon - The Samaritan's Secret #3 Omar Yussef, History Teacher, Bethlehem

Siger, Jeffrey - Murder in Mykonos #1 Former Athens police chief Andreas Kaldis & local police chief Tassos Stamatos, Mykonos

Somer, Mehmet Murat - The Kiss Murder #2 Hop-Ciki-Yaya series, unnamed transvestite/ nightclub owner, Istanbul

Tallis, Frank - Darkness Rising #4 Dr Max Liebermann, 1900s Vienna

Todd, Marilyn - Blood Moon #2 High Priestess Iliona, Ancient Greece
What are you most looking forward to reading, from the above?


WhereDunnit said...

I've read the Gilbert Adair, but I'm really looking forward to the second in Stieg Larsson's trilogy: The Girl Who Played With Fire.

Pat said...

The Michael Marshall would be my first choice out of the January releases. I know he's a tad American for some of you Eurofans but as you know I just love US-style crime fiction.

Anonymous said...

I just finished "The Girl who played with fire" and enjoyed it a lot! I also just read "Burial" which I highly recommend - very different books.