Thursday, December 04, 2008

Simon & Schuster - new titles (Jan-June 2009)

Taken from their catalogue, here are the titles being published by Simon & Schuster between January and June that are relevant to Euro Crime :):

Neil Cross - Burial
Tom Rob Smith - Child 44 (pb)


Christian Jacq - Tutankhamun: The Last Secret
Kitty Sewell - Bloodprint
Martyn Waites - Speak no Evil (pb)


Terence Strong - President Down (pb)


Tom Rob Smith - The Secret Speech


Jeremy Duns - Free Agent
Christi Phillips - The Devlin Diary
Lynda La Plante - Deadly Intent (pb)


The Medieval Murderers - King Arthur's Bones
The Medieval Murderers - The Lost Prophecies (pb)
Michael Dobbs - The Edge of Madness (pb)

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Anonymous said...

Interesting collection - I must read the Tom Rob Smith before the next one comes out! And Kitty Sewell, I think Crime Fic Reader has written about this novel, which has taken a while after the previous one?