Friday, December 19, 2008

It's Christmas Crime (6) - Charlotte Douglas

Going back over the Atlantic for book six in this year's series of Christmas Reads. I thought a little sunshine might be in order after the recent cold snap we've had in the UK. Holidays are Murder by Charlotte Douglas is the second in the series, after Pelican Bay, which features Florida based Detective Maggie Skerritt.

Publisher's blurb:

The holidays - don't you just love them?

Been overstressed at work? Ever wish the holidays would go on an extended vacation? Worried about finding the perfect gift? Or had unresolved conflicts with family that drive you up the wall? Detective Maggie Skerritt is every woman who's been there, done that. She also excels at her work, doesn't eat right or get enough sleep and loves someone else doing her cooking. But her job is murder and she strives to make her city safe. In the process, she gathers her courage to risk loving again. But first she has to make it through Christmas...and another murder in Pelican Bay.

Holidays Are Murder is currently available for £1.99 plus P&P from the mills and boon website (and the usual sources). My library stocks Pelican Bay (but not Holidays are Murder) and it's currently on loan, so I hope to try that next year when it's been returned.

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