Saturday, December 13, 2008

OT: Doctor Who - Wooden Heart audio book

Doctor Who: Wooden Heart by Martin Day (Audio Cd), July 2007, 2.5 hrs, ISBN: 9781405677752

I just wanted to briefly mention the abridged audio book of Wooden Heart by Martin Day.

The narration by Adjoa Andoh (who plays Martha's mum in the show) is absolutely superb and her Martha is extremely similar to Freema Agyeman's portrayal. The Doctor is a bit subdued but she captures his fast pace of speaking to a T.

In brief, the Doctor and Martha land on a deserted space-ship, one that looks like a former prison but whilst exploring, they open a door which leads into a forest where there are animals and an inhabited village. How can this village exist? When the Doctor and Martha get separated, the Doctor has to keep the 'village world' alive before Martha disappears forever.

The story-line for Wooden Heart is one of the more straightforward ones I've come across and it makes a pleasant change for me to understand it completely (almost). Irrespective of the story though, this one's worth listening to for the narration alone. (I do feel it could be quite scary in parts for a young listener.)

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