Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Reviews: Carter, Peace, Rendell, Walters

The following reviews have been added to the review archive over on the main Euro Crime website:
New Reviews:

I review Maureen Carter's latest Bev Morriss book - a series set in 'unfashionable' Birmingham - Bad Press;

Pat Austin reviews the first book in the Red Riding Quartet by David Peace - 1974 (three of the four books are being televised next year);

Fiona Walker reviews Portobello by Ruth Rendell

and Maxine Clarke reviews the newest in Michael Walters' Mongolian series, The Outcast.
Previous reviews can be found in the review archive and forthcoming titles can be found here plus for those thinking about their favourite books of 2008, there's a list (generated from my database) of British/European crime novels (written by British/Europeans) published in the UK in 2008, here. (I haven't yet updated it to include non-Europeans writing about Europe).

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Anonymous said...

I was exhausted by reading 1974, some years ago - I know what Pat means. I did not realised that the books were conceived as a quartet, I thought he just kept on going once he'd had success with the first. I was not tempted to carry on with them because I found the extreme darkness unbelievable. Very noir.
Liked your review of Maureen Carter- must read these.