Wednesday, April 02, 2008

New Books in April

The following titles are published for the first time in April. A few have their premiere in the US, one in Australia but mostly they are UK publications. This is taken from Euro Crime's Future Releases by month page which currently goes up to 2010:
Adam, Paul - Knife Edge

Bayliss, Tony - Strictly Liable

Burdess, Wendy - The Meticulous Messenger

Burman, Carina - The Streets of Babylon, #1 Euthanasia Bondeson, Swedish author, late 19th Century

Campbell, Karen - The Twilight Time

Cannell, Dorothy - Goodbye, Ms. Chips, #12 Ellie Haskell

Chance, Alex - The Final Days

Clare, Alys - The Paths of the Air, #11 Abbess Helewise and Sir Josse d'Acquin, 12th Century England

Cleeves, Ann - White Nights, #2 Detective Jimmy Perez, Shetlands

Clough, Nicholas J - A Safe Place to Kill

Doherty, P C/Paul - Murder's Immortal Mask. #5 Ancient Rome series

Edwards, Martin - Waterloo Sunset, #8 Harry Devlin, Solicitor in Liverpool

Eriksson, Kjell - The Demon of Dakar, #7 Detectives Ola Haver and Ann Lindell, Uppsala, Sweden

Frimansson, Inger - The Shadow in the Water, #2 Justine Dalvik

Galbraith, Gillian - Where the Shadow Falls, #2 DS Alice Rice, Edinburgh

Gray, Alex - Pitch Black, #5 DCI Lorimer & psychologist Solomon Brightman, Glasgow

Hampson, June - Damaged Goods, #3 Daisy Lane, 1960s

Hill, Kaye C - Dead Woman's Shoes, #1 Lexy Lomas

Horton, Lesley - Twisted Tracks, #5 DI John Handford & DS Khalid Ali, Bradford

Howell, Lis - The Chorister at the Abbey, #2 The Norbridge Chronicles

Ison, Graham - Hardcastle's Burglar, #6 DI Hardcastle, 1900s

Jackson, L M - The Mesmerist's Apprentice, #2 Sarah Tanner, 1850s London

Joensuu, Matti Yrjänä - To Steal Her Love, #11 DS Timo Harjunpaa, Finland

Kaddour, Hedi -Waltenberg

Knight, Bernard - The Manor of Death, #12 Sir John de Wolfe, County Coroner, Devon C12th

Lackberg, Camilla - The Ice Princess, #1 Patrik Hedstrom and Erica Falck, Fjallbacka

Lewis, Roy - Guardian of the Dead, Eric Ward

Mankell, Henning - The Eye of the Leopard

McCarthy, Keith - With a Passion Put to Use, #6 Solicitor Helena Flemming and Pathologist John Eisenmenger

McCoy, Ken - Loser, #4 Sam Carew, ex-cop and now private detective

McGilloway, Brian - Gallows Lane, #2 Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin

Monroe, Grace - Blood Lines, #2 Brodie McClennan, Lawyer, Edinburgh

Ostergren, Klas - Gangsters

Parot, Jean-Francois - The Man with the Lead Stomach, #2 Nicolas Le Floch, a young Breton police recruit, 1760s

Perez-Reverte, Arturo - The King's Gold, #4 Captain Alatriste, 17C Spain

Reed, Mary and Mayer, Eric - Seven for a Secret, #7 John the Eunuch

Russell, Leigh - Cut Short, #1 DI Geraldine Steel

Sansom, C J - Revelation, #4 Shardlake, C16th

Savage, Alan - The Flowing Tide

Strong, Terence - President Down

The Mulgray Twins - Under Suspicion, #2 Undercover revenue officer DJ Smith & her trained sniffer cat Gorgonzolo, Edinburgh

van der Vlugt, Simone - The Reunion

Walker, Martin - Bruno, Chief of Police

Weeks, Lee - The Trophy Taker, #1 Detective Johnny Mann, Hong Kong

Wingfield, R D - A Killing Frost, #6 DI Jack Frost

Young, Felicity - Harum Scarum
I'm particularly looking forward to White Nights by Ann Cleeves and The Ice Princess by Camilla Lackbeg (currently listed as unavailable on


Anonymous said...

I don't think I've read Camilla Lackbeg, Karen, in fact I am sure of it. Do you recommend her?

Euro Crime said...

This is the first one to be translated into English so can't say yet..but she's a Swedish crime writer so can't be bad :-).

Lauren said...

Notes from a lurker here.

I've read all three of Lackbeg's Fjallbacka novels (in the German translations) and really enjoyed them. As pure crime novels go, I wouldn't necessarily say they were the best, but for crime with a good dollop of ordinary life, they were excellent. I found the main characters very appealing - they were described with the sort of touch I like in non-crime novels but sometimes find missing in detective stories. (Sometimes the baggage gets to me!) And the Swedishness comes across nicely without being too obvious.

Well worth a read. A small proviso - I suspect that Lackberg's readership may skew female, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I found the books rather refreshing, actually. (My day job has me reading Thomas Mann a lot. Hmmm.)

Euro Crime said...

Welcome Lauren. Hope to hear more from you :-). Many thanks for the comments on the Lackberg books. I await the Ice Princess with interest though I'm more of a plot over characters gal in general but there are always exceptions!