Friday, April 18, 2008

Copycat Covers - of a sort

Not quite identical but thematically similar, both are published by Harvill Secker:

This Night's Foul Work was released in February and is reviewed here.

Arctic Chill will be out in October. The blurb from Amazon is as follows:
On an icy January day the Reykjavik police are called out to a block of flats where a body has been found in the garden: a young, dark-skinned boy, frozen to the ground in a pool of his own blood. The discovery of a stab wound in his stomach puts paid to any hope that this was a tragic accident. Erlendur and his team embark on their investigation with little to go on but the news that the boy's Thai half-brother is missing. Is he implicated, or simply afraid for his own life? The investigation soon unearths tensions simmering beneath the surface of Iceland's outwardly liberal, multicultural society. A teacher at the boy's school makes no secret of his anti-immigration stance; incidents are reported between Icelandic pupils and the disaffected children of incomers; and, to confuse matters further, a suspected paedophile has been spotted in the area. Meanwhile, the boy's murder forces Erlendur to confront the tragedy in his own past. Soon, facts are emerging from the snow-filled darkness that are more chilling even than the Arctic night.


Anonymous said...

See what you mean, but isn't it great that the new Arnaldur Indridason is now scheduled? That is one book I'm going to read whatever the blurb says. I wonder if the author has found a new translator yet, to replace the superb Bernard Scudder?

Uriah Robinson said...

I also would not miss the new Indridason.
I feel a bit sorry for the new translator he or she has to match the high standards set by Bernard Scudder. You never felt you were reading a translated novel everything was so natural.