Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Death and Life of Sherlock Holmes (play)

Sherlock Holmes - The Last Act, a play written by David Stuart Davies and starring Roger Llewellyn, is showing for one night at Lichfield Garrick Theatre on Saturday. It's already sold out, returns only, but you can watch a clip of the play, courtesy of You Tube.

Roger Llewellyn is currently also appearing in The Death and Life of Sherlock Holmes, also written by David Stuart Davies, which is on tour:
The Death and Life of Sherlock Homes
A dramatic finale…a thrilling comeback!

The World’s Greatest Detective refuses to leave the stage! Arthur Conan Doyle tires of his famous sleuth and uses the arch villain Moriarty to dispose of him. But as raising the spirits of the dead becomes an obsession in the author’s own life, so his fictional creations return to thrill, intrigue and dazzle us.

A wryly humourous tale of murder, mystery and the occult.

After his international success in Sherlock Holmes – The Last Act Roger Llewellyn returns as the great detective in this enthralling new play.

Written by David Stuart Davies, with an original score by Simon Slater. Directed by Gareth Armstrong.

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