Friday, April 25, 2008

The future of 'Young Bond'

The first series of 5 books about the young James Bond by Charlie Higson is due to conclude in September, however Higson is saying that he might write some more, aimed at an older (children's) audience. From the BBC website:
Author and comedian Charlie Higson is planning to write a new series of novels about the young James Bond.

The new sequence, which has not been officially announced, will explore the previously uncharted territory of Bond's sexual awakening.

"I want to have a break and do some other stuff for a while. But I'd love to come back and write some more," Higson told BBC News.

His first Bond novel Silverfin became a hit after it was published in 2005.

Fast Show star Higson was given the licence to write the Young Bond children's books by the family of Bond creator Ian Fleming.

The fifth and final book of the sequence, By Royal Command, is due out in September.

The books - aimed at under 14s - follow the exploits of the teenage Bond, who is first encountered as a 13-year-old orphan newly arrived at Eton in the early 1930s.

"By Royal Command ends with James Bond leaving Eton an older and wiser boy," Higson said.

"One thing I've been talking about possibly doing is a second sequence of books for a slightly older readership, maybe taking him up to and into World War II.

"He's approaching the age of 15 in this latest book and I couldn't continue writing this type of book for this age group with Bond at the age he is."
Read the rest of the article and watch a video of Charlie Higson on Bond's appeal, at the BBC website.

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