Tuesday, April 29, 2008

De Luca's last stand?

It's not long to wait now until the release of the final part of the De Luca trilogy by Carlo Lucarelli, Via Delle Oche. Europa Editions have done a fabulous job bringing this and many other European novels into English.

The first two parts of the trilogy are Carte Blanche and The Damned season.

Synopsis from amazon.com: There has been a murder on Via delle Oche, the Bologna street at the center the city's notorious red light district. As always, De Luca is unwilling to look the other way when the evidence points to certain local politicians and members of the upper echelons of the Bologna police. A nation's fate is soon to be decided in bitterly contested elections; once again, the brutal worlds of crime and politics collude and collide, creating an atmosphere that becomes more volatile with each passing day.

Via Delle Oche is out 1 May in the US according to amazon.com or 5 June on the Europa Editions website.

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