Thursday, April 03, 2008

Harrogate Crime Writing Festival - Programme

I finally got round to booking my hotel last night for the duration of the Harrogate Festival. I may have got the last room at The Swallow as it's now showing as sold out. (I used priceline as suggested by crimeficreader).

The HCWF website now has the full programme. Potential highlights (for me) include:

James Bond - The Spy we loved

Chair: Simon Brett (Macmillan)
Philip Kerr (Quercus)
Joseph Finder (Headline)
Catherine Sampson (Macmillan)
Charlie Higson (Puffin)

A dirty job but someone’s got to do it

Chair: Quintin Jardine (Headline)
Jo Nesbo (Random House)
Roger Jon Ellory (Orion)
Thomas H Cook (Quercus)
Barbara Nadel (Headline)

Cosy Crime Fiction

Chair: Paul Johnston (Mira)
Jill Paton Walsh (Hodder)
MC Beaton (Constable and Robinson)
Catriona McPherson (Hodder)
Colin Cotterill (Quercus)


Anonymous said...

It looks really good. Perhaps better organised than CrimeFest, which is over a month earlier but they still haven't got a programme together at this level of detail. I wish the timing of Harrogate was better...

Anonymous said...

Maxine, Crimefest is to run as Left Coast Crime is organised, I believe - which the organisers of Crimefest brought to the UK in 2006(?). Harrogate runs with one event per time slot, but LCC runs with three strands and thus a choice of three events per time slot. Should Crimefest be the same, as I think it will be, this is more complicated and requires more organisation.

For me, I'm waiting to see the Crimefest programme to decide how to book, along with a couple of other factors to consider. The author "names" for Crimefest look good, but I'm just not sure if I can do the entire weekend or just the pure weekend element.

Karen, I recommend you ring the hotel to confirm your booking with your booking reference to hand (they need that for online agency bookings) - just to be sure.

All best, both,

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Thanks cfr. I've just checked with the hotel and they've got me listed!!

At least there is also a day ticket approach for crimefest. The prices have yet to be revealed for Harrogate, except for the package...