Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Winners of Euro Crime's March Competitions

Here are the winners of March's Euro Crime competitions (and the correct answers):

1. Haggard Hawk by Marcus Barr

Midsomer Murders are based on the books of which author:
c)Caroline Graham

Chris Connor
Harold Jones
Margaret Payne
Helen Thurston
Denise Whiteside

2. Cross by Ken Bruen

Which one of the following books was not written by Ken Bruen:
b) Darkhouse

Alan Bailey
Garry Chambers
William Plimley
Pat Reid, USA
Fred Zackel, USA

3. A Greater Evil/Evil is Done by Natasha Cooper

Which Festival is Natasha chairing this year?
b) Harrogate Crime Writing Festival

Winners (A Greater Evil):
Julie Clark
Rhiannon Harrison
Sharon Lake
Rachel Ringwood
Caroline Stanley

Winners (Evil is Done):
Sarah Bewley, FL
Eleanor Flatley, CA
Carol Hutton, MD
Emelia Parker, Michigan
B. J. Simon, TX

4. Wire in the Blood DVDs

Which one of the following books is not part of the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series:
a) The Distant Echo

Sarah Bewley, FL
Julie Campbell, MI

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