Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spanish blog - The Skull Under the Skin

Many thanks for the lovely comments on Euro Crime making it onto the Library Journal's blog list. While I'm in trumpet blowing mode, I'll mention that a few days ago I discovered a reference to this blog on (which according to Babel Fish is "The skull under the skin") and in a post about Rebus, ( it mentions "el estupendo blog Euro Crime" :-) (estupendo translates as 'wonderful' but I prefer the original!).

I'm very humbled that there are so many people who can read blogs in other languages and that some of them pop over to mine.

Any Spanish speakers/readers do drop in to the blog which looks fascinating. The current post is about Massimo Carlotto.

(Do let me know if the translated blog name is wrong and/or I've got the language completely wrong!)


Anonymous said...

All sounds great to me, Karen! (A non Spanish reader.)

Lucía said...

Thanks for your lovely comment in your blog, it means a lot for me because I am just a beginner.Yes you are right, my blog name refers to P.D. Jamé's "Skull beneath the skin" that I have enjoyed a lot. I visit your blog every day, it is so interesting!

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Thank you Lucia, you're very kind. I'm just sorry that I don't know any Spanish, just a little French.