Monday, April 30, 2007

Ridley Scott to direct 'Child 44'.

It's not due out until 2008 but Tom Rob Smith's, 'Child 44', is already set to hit the big screen. 'Child 44' is set in the Soviet Union on the eve of Stalin's death, and based in part on real events. According to cinematical:
Ridley Scott is to direct an adaptation of Child 44, British television writer Tom Rob Smith's debut novel.
Full details of Scott's upcoming projects can be found on the cinematical site.

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Johan Lundvik said...

Together with my wife I am extremely happy to see the success of Tom Rob Smith particularly due to the fact that I have on a number of occasion been baby- sitting for him in the happy days of London Road, Norbury. We wish Tom all the success for the futre.

Johan Lundvik