Sunday, April 22, 2007

Roberta Kray - The Pact

Roberta Kray is the widow of the notorious gangster, Reggie Kray, whom she married in prison in 1997.

After writing the non fiction, 'Reggie Kray: A Man Apart', she has more recently turned to crime fiction in the Martina Cole vein.

In 2006, 'The Debt' was published, followed up in 2007 by 'The Pact'. The paperback of 'The Pact' came out at the end of March and you can watch a short promotional video of Mrs Kray discussing the book on the Constable and Robinson blog.

Synopsis from Eve, the 34 year old daughter of recently deceased conman Alexander Weston, knows a good deal when she sees it - and this one doesn't even come close. However, with vulnerable brother Terry being beaten in jail, she can't afford to be fussy. She needs to organise protection for him, and fast. The intimidating and powerful con Cavelli seems the perfect solution, but how high a price is he going to exact? She may as well be forming a pact with the Devil. A break-in, followed by a vicious assault, soon makes Eve question the wisdom of her choice. Cavelli is leading her straight into Hell. Suddenly, her own life is in jeopardy; there's a psychopath lurking in the shadows and he's prepared to kill to get what he wants. With two men dead already Eve is forced to turn to the past to find the answers she so desperately needs. There's only one problem. Time is running out.

You can read the first chapter (in pdf format) here.

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