Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Forthcoming Quercus Titles

I picked up Quercus' Autumn catalogue at the LBF and some of the highlights by British authors include:


Elena Forbes - Die With Me (see this post)


Philip Kerr - The One From the Other (previously published in the US, the fourth in the Bernie Gunther series)


Nigel McCrery - Still Waters (author of the Sam Ryan/Silent Witness books, this is the first in a new series)


Phil Rickman - The Fabric of Sin (next in the Merrily Watkins series)

Michael Walters - The Adversary (follow-up to 'The Shadow Walker', set in Mongolia)


Colin Cotterill - Thirty-Three Teeth (previously published in the US, second in this series set in Laos. 'The Coroner's Lunch' is out in June.)

Not forgetting new titles from Australian authors - Peter Temple, Matt Rubinstein and Adrian Hyland.


Anonymous said...

Great news Karen, numerous books amongst that batch that interest me.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Me too! I've put my name down at the library for Forbes and Cotterill. I'd like to read the Walters too when it comes out in pb. It's a big book :-).

There's a great stable of US authors as well, including Cook, Perry and Westlake.