Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Orion 'New Blood' Authors

Here's the full list of first time authors launched as part of the 'New Blood' campaign in 2004:

Victoria Blake - Bloodless Shadow
Alafair Burke - Judgement Calls
Richard Burke - Frozen *
Massimo Carlotto - The Colombian Mule**
Stuart Archer Cohen - The Stone Angels
John Connor - Phoenix **
David Corbett - The Devil's Redhead
Denise Hamilton - The Jasmine Trade
Steve Mosby - Third Person

**= read and reviewed on Euro Crime.

More to follow on these authors over the next few days.


Maxine Clarke said...

Now you list them ;-), I can recommend Alafair Burke, I have read two (three?) of hers and she is very good I think. Legal crime, which is one of my favourite sub-genres of the genre.
As I mentioned previously, I very much like Denise Hamilton, I've read three of hers and am waiting for the fourth to come out in pbk. She writes "journalism crime", again one of my top favourite sub-genres.
However, neither of the above authors is "Euro", so maybe they don't qualify for your site, strictly speaking.
I hadn#t realised that Bloodless Shadow was in the Orion list, I have got a copy of it in paperback to read as I sort-of know the author. Well I do know her but I mainly know one of her sisters, though I haven't seen her for years now.
John Connor is anothe of these authors I like. I'll check out your review of Phoenix. I read one or two of his and have another in my vast TBR pile.
I read Burke and Mosby but didn't like them. Have not read the rest.

Maxine Clarke said...

PS I realise there are two Burkes. The one I didn't like was the Richard.

Anonymous said...

I read and posted comments on Steve Mosby's novel on It's a crime - well written but not to my particular taste (I don't like settings in the future), others would love it, I'm sure. I've read Victoria Blake's Bloodless Shadow and have a review ready to post when I find the quote I want put in it! (I enjoyed that one.) I started Richard Burke's Frozen, but unfortunately never finished it as I left it at a friend's. Recovery procedures took so long, I'll need to start it all over again. I have heard it said that Redemption, his second is pretty damn good and I like the look of the synopsis on that one more.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Viz legal crime - I've been (inadvertently) sent a review copy of a book, by a US author, called 'The Mayor of Lexington Avenue' by James Sheehan. The tag line is that it's 'The courtroom thriller of the year' (though they would say that :-))