Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New episodes of Dalziel & Pascoe and Rebus next week on UK tv

Dalziel & Pascoe return for a short series of two parters on BBC1 3rd and 4th Sep. The first is Cave Woman featuring guest star Denis Lawson (most recently seen in Bleak House) and the second is Fallen Angel.

On Friday, (8th) Rebus returns on ITV1, in the first of four feature length episodes. The original 'Adam Dalgleish', Roy Marsden, is one of the guest stars.

Midsomer Murders also returns on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Er... how does one find time to blog, work, read and watch TV? One of them (at least) has to go, in my case the TV. But let me know if I'm missing anything really fab.