Friday, August 11, 2006

Michelle Spring

After a 5 year hiatus, Michelle Spring has a new book out in the Autumn. 'The Night Lawyer' is to be published in November by Ballantine. It doesn't feature Cambridge PI Laura Principal but is a 'suspense' stand alone.

Here's the blurb from M1's catalogue: "Set in contemporary London. The trials of a young woman who has just accepted a new job with a daily tabloid housed in a sleek dockside skyscraper. She arrives each evening to vet the morning edition while most employees disappear for the night. By day, the offices and docks along the Thames bustle with activity. But as Ellie soon learns, and her menacing stalker knows all too well, nighttime is a different matter."

Michelle is part of The Unusual Suspects group which provide a very entertaining show and Michelle reveals how a stalker inspired her first book, 'Every Breath You Take'.


Maxine Clarke said...

Interesting you mention her. I remember reading her first two or three Laura P. books when they were first publshed, and enjoying them, except that I thought the last one I read (can't remember the title) was quite weak. Then she wrote a stand-alone that I quite liked, was it about a missing child?
Then I lost touch with her, so good to read she's back. I will keep an eye out for when this book comes out in paperback.
I must check out the link you give -- I seem to recall that M Spring is an American writing about Britain, which gives a fresh perspective (Elizabeth George does so also, unrealistically in the "Peter Wimsey" aspects in her case) -- I always like reading about the UK through American eyes in this way, though some of the results are unintentionally hilarious.
Thanks again for the M Spring news. I wonder why she stopped writing for so long?

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

She's Canadian but she's been here so long I've adopted her as European :-). I don't know why there's been such a long gap. Her last book, In The Midnight Hour, might be the one you're thinking of, was about a child supposedly being swept away at sea and then possibly being rediscovered alive many years later.

I've found that US authors can at times, introduce very unusual wildlife into the UK :-).