Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Euro Crime website

So what's over on the Euro Crime website? As mentioned below, it covers crime in translation from Europe and work by British authors. A major portion is bibliographies and series orders ('Books'), plus a list of author homepages ('Authors'). 'News' covers recent reviews and interviews in the press. 'New Releases' for what's coming out in the months ahead. The 'Reviews' page is updated weekly. There are pages for awards, specialist shops, events, discussion books for various yahoo lists and links.

The site is to be restructed shortly, I'm still testing the revised version. The content will be similar but those darned frames will be removed so linking, searching, bookmarking will become easier. A further reshuffle is planned later in the year for the 'Books' pages.


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,

Great site BTW

I just finished Voices by Arnaldur Indridason translated by Bernard Scudder [Harvill / Random House UK]

I can not recommend Voices, [or his previous books Jar City / Tainted Blood and Silence of the Grave] highly enough

My reviews will be online shortly


Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Thanks for having a nose at the blog Ali, how's the Icelandic progressing :-). I've got 'Voices' in the review tbr and am looking forward to it as - I shouldn't admit to this - I haven't read the previous two yet.

Maxine Clarke said...

I agree, I liked the Arnaldur Indridason books very much. I have not read Voices yet, I am waiting for it to come out in paperback. I thought Silence of the Grave was excellent, and Jar City was very good but let down a bit by its denoument. I have posted about both these on Petrona,
and (from my very early blogging days!)
(though I don't expect you to read these posts, they aren't that great!).
Have you come across Bibliophile yet? Her blog is called "Another 52 Books". She is Icelandic and has read some of the AI books in the original and has posted reviews of them. She's also very nice.
Her blog is at:
All my best wishes

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Thanks Maxine, I'll be checking out those links.