Friday, August 18, 2006

Elizabeth Corley

After a gap of 6 years, Elizabeth Corley's third book came out this week. Her first two books featured DCI Andrew Fenwick but the latest, 'Grave Doubts' is a standalone or the start of a new series.

"Sergeant Louise Nightingale is the model police officer; calm, composed and always in control. All that changes when she takes part in a police sing to trap the prime suspect in a series of killings. The killer has been preying on young women and Nightingale is the perfect bait, but nothing goes according to plan as she finds herself alone with the killer when her colleagues struggle to get to her in time, and she is attacked. Suddenly, Nightingale is in the very nightmare world she tries to protect others from, and her worst fears are about to come true."


Unfortunately I haven't been able to track down a website for her. I look forward to trying 'Grave Doubts' in the future.


LynBron said...

I have purchased every available book by Elizabeth Corley. Most recently I ordered from "Sine Culpa" but when it arrived I discovered that it was entirely in the German language. Hmmm.... I will give it to one of my German friends.

What I would like to know is, what was the title in English in its original edition.

LynBron said...

I noticed that has also a title "Crescendo" by Elizabeth Corley.

After receiving "Sine Culpa" in German, how do I know that "Crescendo" may come to me in Italian.

Does anyone know whether "Crescendo" is in English?

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Hi Lyn, according to Krimi-Couch Crescendo is the German title for Grave Doubts. (and Sine Culpa is Innocent Blood).

I will try and find out when her next book is out :).