Monday, January 05, 2015

Favourite Euro Crime Reads of 2014 - Geoff

Today's it's Euro Crime reviewer Geoff Jones's turn to list his top 5 favourite reads of 2014:

Geoff Jones's favourite reads of 2014

Robert Goddard - The Corners of the Globe
The second in a trilogy. Youngest son a war hero avenging his Father's death. Shadows of the third Reich. The master of suspense does it again!

Anya Lipska - Death Can't Take a Joke
Set in London's Polish community. Polish builder turns detective with the help of a young police-woman.

Ann Cleeves - The Crow Trap
The first of the Vera Stanhope books. This is Vera in familiar territory from her childhood, investigating a suicide and a murder in a close-knit community, with the threat of a quarry on the Lord of the Manor's land.

Sara Sheridan - Brighton Belle
See my discovery of 2014. (Ed. coming soon...)

Lisa Cutts - Remember, Remember
Second novel by a serving police-woman. Picked more for the credible descriptions of life in a modern Police Force. Nina has problems that stem from when her elder sister and her were kidnapped when they were children. She copes with these memories and the kindness of the policeman who rescued them and her parents' problems, whilst enjoying the police life.

Just missing the top five were - David Mark's Original Skin and Peter Ritchie's Noble Cause.

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