Monday, January 12, 2015

Favourite Euro Crime Reads of 2014 - Susan

In our penultimate entry, Euro Crime reviewer Susan White reveals her 5 favourite reads of 2014:

Susan White's favourite reads of 2014

Terry Stiastny - Acts of Omission
I am not normally fond of political dramas but enjoyed this one very much. The characters are very believable . The role of the newspaper and what the journalist will do to get her story is an unpleasant read and one that is realistic given the recent revelations of how far the press will go to find the information they want.

This is a first novel written by a former BBC reporter and is based on a true story.

Tim Weaver - Fall from Grace
This is a really pacy thriller, the action packed into only a few days. The characters are very well written and I found myself understanding some of the actions of even the bad guys in the story. This is the fifth novel to feature the character David Raker but is easily reads as a stand-alone. However, David Raker is new to me and I find myself wanting to read the other novels featuring him - this is an exciting read - a real find

P R Ellis - Painted Ladies
I have very little knowledge about the lives of transgenders or transvestites and found the information given was just at the right level necessary to inform without being puerile. However, this is a crime novel and stands on its own as such. I found it a page turner and really enjoyed reading it. It is the first novel in a sequence featuring Jasmine Frame and I am looking forward to reading the next.

John Lawton - Second Violin
The terror and brutality of life, whether in Vienna or London, during WWII is brought vividly to life as is also the contrast of the degree of impact on the have and have nots. The resilience of people to rebuild after they have lost, or have had everything taken away from them, whether by personal tragedy, by war or by being displaced to a foreign land, is accurately depicted.

An interesting story, building on well documented facts and helping history to come alive with the aid of the stories of individuals who lives and experiences are very believable.

Karen Perry - The Boy That Never Was
This is a story of grief, that of parents for a lost child, of a couple for a lost relationship and also for individual lost dreams. A good read, one that I would easily recommend. Not an easy read because the emotion of losing a child is so believably written but one that not matter what one's personal circumstances will strike of chord of remembrance for most readers, A very accomplished first novel.

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