Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Favourite Discoveries of 2014 (2)

Today's instalment of favourite discoveries of 2014 comes from Geoff Jones.

Geoff Jones's Favourite Discovery of 2014

I first learned about Sara Sheridan when she wrote an article for the BBC website. Based in Edinburgh she is fascinated by history, particularly the period 1820 to 1950. Educated at Trinity College Dublin, she writes for both adults and children. She has written several novels, but I read the first of her (four so far) Mirabelle Bevan mysteries. The first book is titled Brighton Belle. The war is only just finished and Britain is struggling with rationing and deprivation. Mirabelle has known tragic loss and is still in mourning for her deceased lover. She works in a Brighton debt recovery firm in the office. She becomes friendly with a girl called Vesta Churchill. Together they have many adventures and escapades. Sara writes well and her stories are compelling and very enjoyable. I was disappointed when the book ended but there are more to read and enjoy and I look forward to them.

[Geoff put Brighton Belle in his top 5 Euro Crime reads of 2014.]

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