Monday, January 19, 2015

Favourite Discoveries of 2014 (I)

As usual I have asked my fellow Euro Crime reviewers to come up with their favourite crime fiction discovery of the past year - be it book, film or tv series.

The first entry comes from Norman Price.

Norman Price's Favourite Discovery of 2014

My discovery of the year was on the television:

Happy Valley proved that British television could match the very best of American and Scandinavian crime fiction TV. A great script written by Sally Wainwright, who was also involved with that very good series Scott and Bailey, and brilliant acting by Sarah Lancashire as Police Sergeant Catherine Cawood made this one of the best police series of 2014. This series raised the perennial question of how a limited mostly unarmed police force and a justice system that appears weighted against the victims of crime can deal with criminal evil.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, Norman.

This comment just makes me want to watch Happy Valley even more. But it's not available over here in the States, nor at Amazon US or MHZ Networks.

Hopefully, the library will get it.

Meanwhile, I did like Line of Duty 2; the cast is awesome, and am loving Vera episodes. And am rewatching the amazing Escape Artist and looking forward to Broadchurch 2, which begins her ein March.