Thursday, January 08, 2015

Favourite Euro Crime Reads of 2014 - Michelle

Today Euro Crime reviewer Michelle Peckham reveals her 5 favourite reads of 2014:

Michelle Peckham's favourite reads of 2014

Sarah Hilary - Someone Else's Skin
An amazing first book, which has a great plot, interesting character development and unexpected plot twists that give one pause for thought. If I had to pick my first choice book of the year, this would probably be it.

Paula Hawkins - The Girl on the Train (pub. 15/1/15)
Another great first book in which the story develops from something that the main character sees while on a commuter train in London, and how it transforms her life.

M J McGrath - The Bone Seeker
The third book from this author, with the unusual setting of the Arctic, and great descriptions of the local culture and prejudices that play a part in the investigation into the death of a local girl by the local policeman and Edie Kiglatuk, half Inuit and half Qulunaat.

├ůsa Larsson - The Second Deadly Sin tr. Laurie Thompson
One of my favourite authors, this is the fifth book, featuring Rebecka Martinsson, a determined female investigator, and it tells an intriguing story in which self-important men get their just deserts.

Gordon Ferris - Pilgrim Soul
I've enjoyed all four of the books in this series (this is the third), with the resourceful main character of Douglas Brodie, a journalist, a strong female sidekick (Samantha), and interesting insights into the culture and politics of post-war Glasgow.

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