Sunday, January 11, 2015

New Reviews: Broadfoot, Hawkins, Lawton, Mankell, O'Brien, Persson, Quinn, Thomas, Weeks

A belated Happy New Year and a big thank you for all the visitors to Euro Crime and to the regular commenters. An equally big thank you to the review team who keep me supplied with quality reviews. The reviewers are currently sharing their favourite reads of 2014 and I'll shortly be announcing the overall favourites. The 'new discoveries' posts, which I normally release before Christmas will follow soon - delayed due to illness.

Without further ado, here are nine reviews which have been added to the Euro Crime website today, two have appeared on the blog since last time, and seven are completely new. Several of these are of favourite books of last year.

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New Reviews

Neil Broadfoot's Falling Fast is one of Amanda Gillies's top 5 reads of 2014; set in Edinburgh it introduces journalist, Doug McGregor;

Michelle Peckham put Paula Hawkins's debut The Girl on the Train on her top 5 reads of 2014. Lots of Gone Girl-type buzz about this one;

Terry Halligan reviews John Lawton's Sweet Sunday which gets a welcome reissue and is set in the US mainly in 1969.

I review Henning Mankell's An Event in Autumn tr. Laurie Thompson a Wallander novella written for the Dutch market around ten years ago and now available in English;

Terry included Martin O'Brien's Knife Gun Poison Bomb in his top reads of 2014. This is the eighth in the Chief Inspector Daniel Jacquot series set in Marseilles and at the moment is (I believe) only available for Kindle;

Laura Root reviews Leif GW Persson's Falling Freely, As If In a Dream tr. Paul Norlen, the final part of the "Story of a Crime" trilogy investigating the murder of Olaf Palme;

Lynn Harvey's top 5 reads of 2014 included Anthony Quinn's Disappeared, the first in the Police Inspector Celcius Daly series set in Northern Ireland;

Terry also included David Thomas's Ostland in his top reads of 2014, the story of SS officer Georg Heuser's journey from policeman to criminal

and Amanda also reviews Lee Weeks's Frozen Grave, the third in the series featuring DI Dan Carter and DC Ebony Willis.

Forthcoming titles can be found by author or date or by category, here along with releases by year.

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