Saturday, April 19, 2014

TV News: 35 Diwrnod/35 Days

I've only just heard about 35 Diwrnod/35 Days (via The Independent) which is a Welsh crime series being shown on S4C. If you're outside of Wales then you can pick up S4C via Freesat and Sky but not on Freeview.

35 Diwrnod/35 Days is in eight parts and the first four can be watched online at Clic. Episode 1 will expire in 9 days so be quick. English subtitles are available.

The next episode is on S4C tomorrow at 9pm and is repeated on Tuesday at 10pm.
Finding a dead body on a living room floor marks the shocking start to this ground breaking drama series. And the challenge to the viewers during the eight weeks of viewing? To guess who from the Close is responsible for Jan's death. The first episode commences 35 days before the discovery of the body - before Jan moves onto the Close. Week by week we count down the days to Jan's demise and untimely death. On the surface a happy and content community, but their false morals, manicured and precise lawns and borders hiding frailties and sins. So how does one explain the body of the young woman lying on the floor in one of the houses at the beginning and end of our story?


RedSetter said...

Thanks for highlighting this as I've browsed past this on the tv guide not realising what it was. Must have a look.

Anonymous said...

Alas, this will not play in California.