Thursday, December 08, 2011

Metro's Crime Fiction Gift Ideas

In yesterday's Metro there was a books two-page spread and it included some gift ideas for "crime enthusiasts". It's quite a good list - though if you are already an enthusiast you perhaps may have read several of them - and very euro-centric. I can't find it on their website so here are their choices with links to Euro Crime reviews (with the exception of the last one):

Henning Mankell - The Troubled Man (tr. Laurie Thompson)

Jo Nesbo - The Leopard (tr. Don Bartlett)

Thomas Enger - Burned (tr. Charlotte Barslund)

Jason Webster - Or the Bull Kills You

Fred Vargas - An Uncertain Place (tr. Sian Reynolds)

S J Watson - Before I Go to Sleep

Tom Franklin - Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter (reviewed by Maxine at Petrona)


Maxine Clarke said...

Agreed, I've read most of these and it is not a bad list. Quite good, even! (wonder how Burned got on there as that isn't obvious (but it is good), anyone would think the list had been made by someone who actually reads crime fiction ;-) ).

Thanks for the link to my review of CLCL, though not Euro it is jolly good.

Anonymous said...

Karen - Thanks for this. It really is a very good list I think. Lots better than some I've seen...