Friday, June 24, 2011

Cited on Cold Cruel Winter

Chris Nickson, author of Broken Token, the first in a series featuring Constable of Leeds Richard Nottingham in the 1730s, kindly let me know that a Euro Crime review was quoted on the back cover of his next book, Cold Cruel Winter. As we'd been sent the pdf to review I hadn't realised. He kindly sent me a photo but I'd already checked it out of the library (another 3p? PLR for Chris):

The Euro Crime review by Geoff of Cold Cruel Winter will be uploaded very soon. The review by Michelle of Broken Token is here.

After reading the review, if you fancy getting hold of Broken Token then the author has a few copies left at a bargain £3 plus postage (see here.) This is due to Creme de la Crime now forming part of Severn House which does mean (from my experience working in a community library) that new books in the Creme de la Crime imprint will be more widely available in libraries and in larger quantities.

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Anonymous said...

Karen - That's such great news! Thanks for sharing.