Thursday, June 02, 2011

Pesky Stickers & Pesky Comparisons (II)

Earlier this year I posted about all those comparisons with Stieg Larsson stickers. Well it doesn't end there. Here's some more dubious comparisons (I apologise for the poor quality of the snaps taken with my phone in low light):

"If you like Peter James you'll love MR Hall"

"A worthy successor to Michael Dibdin" (Tobias Jones)


"Fills the gap left by Michael Dibdin" (Conor Fitzgerald)

Suely it's only a matter of time before Christobel Kent's Florence series gets the same treatment?


Maxine Clarke said...

So why Peter James/MR Hall? Being cynical, they share a publisher. As one series is about a police force in sussex, another is about a coroner in wales. How silly.

Kompani said...

I always ask the bookshop to remove the stickers from my books and then spend a few minutes watching them struggle. One of my little pleasures.

kathy d. said...

Great idea to de-sticker the books, and ask the booksellers to do so.