Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pesky Stickers & Pesky Comparisons (III)

I give you two new stickers on the covers of new books that mention Stieg Larsson:

"Addicted to Larsson and Nesbo? You must read Tom Rob Smith"
"Like a mash-up of Stieg Larsson, Jeffery Deaver and Agatha Christie, Daily Mirror"

I highlighted a few more examples earlier in the year.


Uriah Robinson said...

Karen, did you photo shop that Anne Holt sticker yourself ? ;o)

Maxine Clarke said...

Blogger would not let me comment earlier. Rant, rant, rant ;-)

At least with the Anne Holt she did actually write it as an explicit hommage to Agatha Christie, but why throw in all those other comparisions? - they must think if they cast the net wide enough then everyone will read it!