Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Val McDermid news

Val McDermid's latest newsletter has just come out. You can sign up for it at her website but here are a couple of snippets:
Before I went on holiday, I was working against the clock to complete the seventh novel to feature profiler Tony Hill and police officer Carol Jordan. UNREDEEMABLE will be released in the UK on September 1st, published by Little, Brown. [] UNREDEEMABLE features the return of Jacko Vance, the villain at the heart of the second Tony & Carol novel, THE WIRE IN THE BLOOD. Many people have asked me over the years about Vance's fate. This book will, I hope, answer their questions. It's dark, it's bloody and it pushes my characters to their limits.

I've had a lot of my American readers asking when TRICK OF THE DARK will be available in the US. I'll be honest - my US publishing history has been a chequered affair. Sometimes it's felt as if US publishers think it best not to tell anyone they're actually publishing my books... So, with TRICK OF THE DARK, I'm taking a sideways step to an indie publisher, Bywater Books. And not just because the editor-in-chief is my wife... I genuinely think that indie publishers can bring a passion to publishing that doesn't always follow through in the big commercial houses. So in September, Bywater will be publishing TRICK OF THE DARK in trade paperback and e-book form in the US. Our marketing slogan will be, 'The girl who Stieg Larsson read,' for reasons that will be obvious to all of you who have read THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO.


Unknown said...

Brilliant! Love Val's work.

Maxine Clarke said...

Thanks for the news - though I can't remember anything about the villain she's bringing back! I thought A Trick of the Dark was not very good, perhaps that is why the US publishers were not keen? Though from its subject matter one would think it would sell - so long as the cover is not too lurid.