Monday, January 05, 2009

Sherlock Holmes DS game

I'm enjoying Professor Layton and the Curious Village so much that I've pre-ordered Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy which is released for the DS at the end of February. Amazon currently have it for £18.

Synopsis: After Lord Montcalfe's death, his daughter Elisabeth turns to the famous detective Sherlock Holmes to solve the mystery that surrounds her father's death. As Holmes' trusted assistant Doctor Watson is having a well deserved holiday with his family, Holmes decides to go to the manor on his own. He will have to use all of his considerable skills to solve all the manor's riddles. Only then will he discover that behind this mysterious case lies a dreadful secret. In The Mystery of the Mummy, you're immersed in an incredible adventure full of mysteries and with many twisting plot developments. Take on the role of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes and get ready to avoid numerous diabolical traps while solving a variety of clever riddles. A mysterious murder, numerous suspects, and the famous mummy makes for a case that appears most challenging.

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