Tuesday, January 06, 2009

January's Audio Books from Oakhill Publishing

Another publisher of Audio books in the UK is Oakhill Publishing. And this month, they've released two notable crime novels on audio: Andrea Camilleri's The Scent of the Night and Tana French's The Likeness.

As an angry octogenarian holds a terrified and lovelorn secretary at gunpoint, Inspector Montalbano is reluctantly drawn into the case. The secretary’s boss, a financial adviser, has vanished along with several billion lire entrusted to him by the good citizens of Vigata. Also missing is the adviser’s young colleague, whose uncle just happens to be building a house on the site of Inspector Montalbano’s very favourite olive tree ... Ably abetted by his loyal and eccentric team, Montalbano, the food-loving, commitment-phobic inspector, returns for another delicious investigation served up in vintage Camilleri style.

The previous five Montalbano novels are also available as Oakhill audio books. The Scent of the Night is reviewed here on Euro Crime.

When Detective Cassie Maddox transferred out of Dublin’s Murder Squad at her own request, she vowed never to return. Then her boyfriend, Detective Sam O’Neill, calls her to a murder scene in Glenskehy. It isn’t until Cassie sees the body that she understands Sam’s insistence. The dead girl is her double, and carries ID identifying her as Alexandra Madison, an alias Cassie used when she worked undercover. But who killed this girl, and who was she? Having played Lexie once before, Cassie is in the perfect position to take her place ... and lure out her killer.

The Likeness
is Tana French's second book and is the follow-up to the award winning, In The Woods and is reviewed, here.

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