Friday, January 09, 2009

BBC4 has bought Spiral 2

No idea when it'll be shown but a press release in September 2008 proves that the BBC4 has bought the second series of French crime drama, Spiral:
The hard-hitting, stylish and critically acclaimed French police thriller returns for a second series as Pierre Clement and Police Captain Laure Berthaud descend into the paranoid rivalries of the drug trafficking underworld.

Unflinchingly realistic and nail-bitingingly tense, the series follows the investigators into the dark and uncompromising world of organised crime.

As a seemingly isolated case of urban violence grows in complexity and danger, each new piece of evidence unearths a duplicitous world of international trafficking, informers, double lives and arms dealing.

Each with a different vision of justice, each with their own personal demons, the characters become ever darker, disillusioned and warped.

As the heart-racing suspense builds, an audacious plan to strike at the heart of the crime network means that the slightest slip will result in certain death.
I thought BBC4 might have shown it as part of the recent "euro sleuth" series.


Janet Rudolph said...

Sadly, Spiral has not appeared in the PBS line-up here in the States, and it's not available on Netflix. I'll have to ask my friends in the U.K. to send a copy. Thanks for the heads-up about the second series.

Anonymous said...

I have just finished watching Sprial (series 1) which as you said, Karen, is extremely good -- until -- the last episode, which I thought was awful. The last episode was in no sense an ending, but clearly was intended to leave viewers set up for series 2. Also, instead of moving on with the plot, the episode went into "Flashback" mode, showing you the murders which had to that point only been described in retrospect. I found this horribly voyeuristic, as the murders were quite horrible, involving two young women. I just could not see any justificaion, seeing by then we already knew who had done it and why. Also, various other plot strands were just ignored. eg they bought in a sudden back-story about the sacked solicitor, which would have allowed him to be reinstated. Yet the person who was given this information destroyed it rather than reporting it. Why? No explanation given, it just came out of the blue. I found it an incredibly disappointing end to an otherwise brilliant series.