Thursday, January 15, 2009

Online CSI game

The new series of CSI: Vegas has just started in the UK. If you're inspired and fancy having a go at solving the case of The Barbee Doll Killer then visit You can examine the crime scene and any clues you find will go to the forensic lab for analysis. Read the profiles of and interviews with the main suspects. If like me you're impatient, click on the solution tab to find out whodunnit.


Kiara said...

I find all mystery game so amusing. It kind of give me a thrill to continuously play. I just saw the game, and by just looking at it, I can say I love playing it. But it would have been nicer if I can have it as Download Games. I am having a problem with my connections at times, so I hope I would be able to get one. :)

Online Casinos said...
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