Thursday, January 08, 2009

Podcasts - Behind the Mic

Sorry I've been a bit quiet on the blog. I've just acquired an MP3 player which is taking all my spare time at the moment. I'm not technologically minded and wrestling with windows media player has not been much fun. I've finally managed to load an audio book (The Sixth Wife by Suzannah Dunn, about Catherine Parr) on to it. I've also added a few podcasts that I've been downloading via itunes over the last few months in preparation for this momentous event.

One of the things I'm subscribed to in itunes is "Behind the mic" which is about audio books and which first came to my attention when a David Tennant podcast about Pest Control was mentioned. I've saved that one for now, but today I listened to the programme from 18th August called Men's Fiction on Audio which has well known audio book narrators/actors Clive Mantle and Christian Rodska being interviewed and gives a bit of behind the scenes gossip about how they go about the narration, and Mantle muses on how dedicated crime fiction readers are, and how they read everything a writer's written and in order :).

I came across Rodska when I listened to The Silver Pigs by Lindsey Davis. The programme played a clip of the full cast rendition of The Silver Pigs with Anton Lesser (recently seen in Little Dorrit) as Falco.

To get to these programmes search in itunes under "Behind the mic" in podcasts.

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