Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Reviews; M R Hall, Roberta Kray, Preston & Spezi, Roz Southey

There's a faint theme of 'true crime' about this week's reviews which include: a fiction book written by Roberta Kray and a true crime book about 'The Monster of Florence'...

The following reviews have been added to the review archive over on the main Euro Crime website:
New Reviews:

Maxine Clarke praises highly the debut novel from M R Hall The Coroner which is the first in a several book series starring Jenny Cooper, Coroner and prescription drug addict;

Amanda Brown reviews The Lost by Roberta Kray which has an authenticity about it;

Michelle Peckham reviews the true crime book about the investigation into The Monster of Florence written by Douglas Preston and Mario Spezi and the bizarre tack the police took

and Terry Halligan reviews the unusual sounding historical mystery by Roz Southey - Chords and Discords.
Previous reviews can be found in the review archive and forthcoming titles can be found here.

The competition is back - go here to see how you can win a copy of The Paper Moon by Andrea Camilleri.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Karen - I just wanted to write that I do think The Coroner superb, and I encourage everyone to try it! This month has seen a lot of publicity for The Girl Who Played with Fire, and also the publication of Tom Bale's Skin and Bone and Neil Cross's Burial. All four books are very different, but I certainly enjoyed The Coroner much more than Burial or Skin and Bone. A fantastic debut.

Anonymous said...

I've read these reviews now - as usual, a nice set. The book Michelle reviews is fascinating - sounds just like other stories of Italian legal system and general chaos/corruption that I know about. I don't usually read "true crime" but I am tempted by this one, as the "plot" about the judge being implicated is so bizarre.

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

Of course Michele Giuttari is now a crime novelist himself! (A Florentine Death, Death in Tuscany, Death of a Mafia Don).