Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gianrico Carofiglio wins Radio Bremen Krimipreis

Kerrie from Mysteries in Paradise has pointed me towards this article about Gianrico Carofiglio:
An Italian prosecutor is awarded for his fiction portraying the Italian style of justice

Bremen -- An Italian prosecutor who writes books part-time is to receive a German literature prize for the best detective fiction this September in the northern city of Bremen.

The panel of judges picked Gianrico Carofiglio as winner of the Radio Bremen Krimipreis, an annual award worth 2,500 euros, noting his skill at describing the complexities of justice Italian style.

His recent international successes include the novel A Walk in the Dark.

He will be handed the award on September 24th at Prime Time Crime Time, a festival for lovers of crime-solving fiction.

Carofiglio is a public prosecutor and adviser to Italy's anti-Mafia commission.

The prize, backed by public broadcaster Radio Bremen, alternates year by year between a German author and a non-German author.
Carofiglio is a firm favourite of the Euro Crime team. Do read our reviews of the Guido Guerrieri series: Involuntary Witness, A Walk in the Dark, Reasonable Doubts and the standalone The Past is a Foreign Country.


Anonymous said...

Oh, what good news. Congratulations to him. Well deserved. Mind you, you aren't going to get rich for life on 2,500 euros per four books, are you? Never mind, I am sure he is not complaining, and maybe it will stimulate him to write his next one all the sooner.

Uriah Robinson said...

A very well deserved award especially as Bitter Lemon Press are still using my review of Reasonable Doubts on their web page.
It is placed between one review from the Financial Times and another from The Times!
My psychiatrist thinks this was one probable cause of my egomania.

Anonymous said...

I think you should deservedly ask for a cut, Norm!

Kerrie said...

When we discussed INVOLUNTARY WITNESS both on 4MA and in my face to face groups, people were really polarised in whether they liked it or not.