Thursday, July 10, 2008

Favourite Reads - January to June 2008

Following on from Crime Scraps' top reads so far this year there're some comments from David Montgomery and Sarah Weinman on their 2008 experiences. My favourite five reads so far (January to June) are:
Catherine O'Flynn - What Was Lost
Yrsa Sigurdardottor - Last Rituals (review to follow)
Fred Vargas - This Night's Foul Work
Minette Walters - The Chameleon's Shadow
R D Wingfield - A Killing Frost (reviewed by Fiona Walker)
And a couple of audio books I can strongly recommend are:
Deon Meyer - Devil's Peak
Aline Templeton - The Darkness and the Deep
With the exception of Deon Meyer, all the authors are European. I rarely have time to read anything non European or non crime, though recently I have made a few exceptions for Doctor Who and Torchwood books/audio books as well as non crime author Xiaolu Guo.

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Simon Clarke said...

My favourites so far this year
(in no particular order)

Last Rituals-Yrsa Sigurdardottir

The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo-
-Stieg Larsson

The Ice Princess-Camilla Lackberg

The First Fingerprint-Xavier-Marie

The Murder Farm-Andrea Maria Schenkel.

With honourable mentions for the
books this year from K.O.Dahl,
Jo Nesbo,and Paulus Hochgatterer.