Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Which books are you looking forward to in 2008?

I've been updating some of the reference pages on Euro Crime: Discussions, Events, Links and Shops and have just uploaded the revised 'forthcoming titles pages' - ordered by author or by month.

From the Winter/Spring months, I'm particularly looking forward to reading:

(the very long awaited) Death's Sister by Louise Anderson
White Nights by Ann Cleeves
The Spoke by Friedrich Glauser
The Mesmerist's Apprentice by L M Jackson
The Ice Princess by Camilla Leckberg
Nemesis by Jo Nesbo
An Expert in Murder by Nicola Upson

So which new titles are you looking forward to reading?


Uriah Robinson said...

Hi Karen, Happy New Year.

I am looking forward to reading;

Nemesis; Jo Nesbo

The Girl with the Dragon tattoo;Stieg Larson

The Paper Moon: Andrea Camilleri

In the Woods: Tana French

Which should keep me busy for a couple of months.

Maxine said...

I've still got Redbreast to read by Jo Nesbo, but will look forward to his next. I'm also keen to read other Swedes: Asa Larsson's The Blood Spilt, and Unseen by Mari Jungstedt. I've seven more Maj Stowall/Per Wahloo books to read, Rounding the Mark by Andrea Camilleri and Last Rituals by Yrsa Sigurdardottir. I'd also like to read Helene Tursten, after Euro Crime recommendations. And that's just for starters!

Fiona said...

I'm really quite excited about the next few months' reading! I'm only hoping I have enough to cash!

From here until about April I'm particularly salivating for:
Yrsa Sigurdardottir - last Rituals
Andrea Camilleri - The Patience of the Spider
Laura Wilson - Stratton's War
Mo Hayder - Ritual
Reginald Hill - A Cure for All Diseases
Jo Nesbo - Nemesis
Eugenio Fuentes - The Pianist's Hands
Donna Leon - The Girl of his Dreams
R.D Wingfield - A Killing Frost (very very much so!)
the Barbara Vine (though there's been no more word on this... nothing on amazon at all, unusual for a supposed early march release)
and the Leckberg as well. I would say the Stieg Larsson also, but I've already managed to get that one out of the way. It's going to be a great few months!

Maxine said...

Fiona has reminded me of a few more I am looking forward to-- Wingfield, Hayder (apparently a return to the series she started in her first two books before switching to standalones) and Laura Wilson.
I've already read the Stieg Larsson so I don't have to be looking forward to that! It is worth looking forward to, though.

Peter said...

Like you and some of the others here, I look forward to the latest from Jo Nesbø, Fred Vargas and Friedrich Glauser. The last will be bittersweet, I think, since The Spoke will complete Bitter Lemon's translations of Glauser. Perhaps 2008 will be my year to read the latest by Glauser and reread the others.

I had not known about The Paper Moon until I read Uriah R.'s response just now, but I'll add that one. My affection for Camilleri has grown with the two most recent Montalbano books, so I'll now look forward to this one as well.

Oh, and it seems to me I may have heard that Peter Temple is supposed to have another Jack Irish novel up his sleeve.
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