Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Borders online sans Amazon

Currently Borders online is linked to amazon.co.uk but not for much longer. According to today's Book Trade News...:
Gardners have been appointed as the fulfilment partner for the new Borders.co.uk website currently under construction pending a launch in March 2008. In addition to the fulfilment of orders for the entire range of physical books and audio books, Gardners will be providing the fulfilment for E-Books and Audio downloads from their new Digital Warehouse.

Geoff O'Neill, Head of Supply Chain for Borders UK Ltd commented, "Whilst Borders is a relatively late entrant into the online books market, we believe that in partnering with Gardners we will benefit from their many years of B2C experience and enable Borders to more quickly establish a significant presence in the market."
Gardners is "Britain's leading book wholesaler".

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Anonymous said...

Interesting: Waterstone's used to have a link and an Amazon store, until they went their own way a year or so ago, and have now set up in competition, with mixed results in my opinion (usually not as good on price, and definitely nowhere near the stock, as well as no links to marketplace sellers, which is one of Amazon's huge strengths --- "the long tail"). Wonder what Borders will come up with to distinguish itself, rather late in the game?