Monday, January 28, 2008

Where are they now..Hannah March

Hannah March wrote five Georgian crime novels starring Robert Fairfax which were published between 1999 and 2001. The third one, A Distinction of Blood, was short-listed for the 2001 Ellis Peters Historical Dagger.

Since then Hannah (who is actually a he) seems to have forsaken the crime world. However, I discovered by chance that he is now writing historical fiction as Jude Morgan including the Jane Austen inspired Indiscretion and most recently An Accomplished Woman which is due out in paperback in a few days time.

Synopsis from
As a young woman, clever, self-reliant Lydia Templeton scandalised society by rejecting Lewis Durrant, the county's most eligible bachelor. Ten years later, Lydia has no regrets and, having concluded that matters of the heart need no longer trouble her, she is quite happy to remain unwed. But others still seek Lydia's advice on their love lives, and when her godmother implores her to take her young ward Phoebe's search for a suitor in hand, it's hard to refuse. In truth, the prospect fills Lydia with horror (especially as she must go to Bath of all places to do it), but poor Phoebe, having managed to promise herself to two men at once, rather needs her help. However, finding a solution to Phoebe's dilemma proves far trickier than anyone imagined. As affairs become increasingly tangled, Phoebe more muddled and Lydia's exasperation grows, the confirmed spinster finds that her own heart is not quite the closed book she thought it was!

I haven't read any Regency romances for quite a few years however all this period drama on tv has encouraged me to order this one at the library. I may even get round to reading it, you never know...

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Danielle said...

Jude Morgan is a man?! I have her/his book on Shelley and Byron. Not that it matters who the author is, this may put a new spin on things when I read it. It seems rare that a man writes under a female pen name. Interesting.