Thursday, January 31, 2008

(OT) Doreen Tovey RIP

Book2Book reports the sad announcement of Doreen Tovey's recent death:
Summersdale Announcement

Doreen Tovey – author

(24th October 1918 – 13th January 2008)

It is, with great sadness, that we report the death of Doreen Tovey.

Over the years, Doreen Tovey's books gave so much pleasure to so many readers.

Full of gentle humour and heart-warming tales, her books described the adventures and antics of the cats (and other animals) with whom she shared her life in Somerset.

Doreen Tovey wrote more than a dozen books (which sold more than 120,000 copies in 10 countries) and she was also president of the Siamese Cat Club.

Her books were serialised in The People's Friend magazine and won her the devotion of many thousands of animal lovers in the UK and overseas. She will be greatly missed by her many, many fans.

"No-one writes about cats with more wit, humour and affection." The People's Friend

"Every so often, there comes along a book – or if you're lucky – books which gladden the heart." Cat World Magazine

Synopsis for A Comfort of Cats:
Tucked away in an idyllic corner of the West Country, you’d think Doreen and her husband Charles would be enjoying a peaceful life – but far from it. Their wily Siamese companions still keep them on their toes.

The Toveys are presented with a new problem when the local cattery closes down. Where will they leave Saska and Shebalu when they go on holiday? And so they buy a caravan to take the cats away with them, only to discover that packing up and leaving home is far from a holiday when seal-points are involved.

As Saska grows ever more boisterous, he develops monkey-like climbing abilities, a knack for opening doors and a somewhat inconvenient obsession with wool. With Annabel the self-willed donkey, Father Adams and a host of gossiping villagers, this is a beguiling tale to enchant and amuse.

I read several of these quite a few years ago when they were hard to track down. Along with the Cat Who books they made me hanker for Siamese cats but we have stuck to rescuing 'moggies' who are still characters in their own right.


Anonymous said...

I am SO sorry to learn of Doreen's death. I wrote to her a few times from South Africa about my Siamese and got lovely replies. I have all her books except Life with Grandma who some unprincipled swine stole - still trying to replace it, but multiply Rands by Pounds! She has gone to join Charles/Rene, bless her mayshe rest in peace in Siamese heaven!

Anonymous said...

I am saddened to hear of Doreen's death.I have all her books (on tape) as well. She brought humour, happiness and comfort to so many people through her books and her love of all animals (especially Siamese) shone out. She gave me great comfort through her books. God Bless you Doreen. Rest in peace with your beloved Charles.

Acqua said...

She had a long full life in which she accomplished wonderful works. Thank you Doreen,