Monday, December 31, 2007

Ken to play Shardlake

I missed this in the Observer a few weeks ago. Apparently the BBC are in talks to film C J Sansom's Tudor series with Kenneth Branagh as the main character:
Branagh, 46, plans to take the role of a hunchback lawyer named Shardlake who works for the key power brokers of the Tudor court, Thomas Cromwell and Thomas Cranmer. Negotiations to bring Shardlake, the idiosyncratic character at the centre of a series of mystery novels by CJ Sansom, to the small screen are believed to be in their final stages.
Read the Euro Crime review of the latest in the series, Sovereign.


Maxine Clarke said...

I've been trying to get Cathy (tudor historian!) to read this series, as I have bought one of them in the booksale at work. Maybe this is the spur that will trigger her interest!
Very happy new year to you,
my best

Anonymous said...

I'd read somewhere that Kenneth Branagh is to play Henning Mankell's Kurt Wallender on TV. Is he cornering the market for detectives now?

Karen (Euro Crime) said...

The Wallandar series seems to be definite but Shardlake less so now. He was in talks but maybe they fell through? Nice to see him back on the telly though.

Melvin said...

The Tudor series is quite great but well I'm not going to judge this series historically because so much was changed for the sake of the story line... Anyway nice to know you ^^ if you have time, take a visit at my Free Games website.